Bob’s Coffee Company

We buy our Burma Green Bean Coffee direct from the farmers that grow and harvest in the Mountains of Burma (Myanmar).   We only sell the Catimore Arabica Burma green coffee beans .  Roasted Burma Coffee is described as Complex, Well-balanced, gentle Flavor and Aroma, Great for both Drip and Espresso brewing.   The families that plant, grow, cultivate, water, harvest, dry, shell and give the world some of the best coffee South-east Asia do so out of love and necessity.  Love and pride for the coffee beans they grow and the subsistence it provides them with.  We are proud to partner with small family growers of mountains of Burma.  

Sustainability, as used in the coffee industry, refers to coffee that is produced using farming, harvesting and business practices that ensure the livelihood of the farmers and the farm itself. This helps to ensure that the farms, farmers and workers can afford and want to continue growing great tasting coffees for years to come.  Our medium blends offer well-balanced acidity and body.  Our dark roasted coffees tend to have fully developed roast profiles with low acidity and heavy syrupy body.

Green Bean Farm Life

Road to May Town Village - Catimor Coffee Plantation - 1 Catimor_Burma_hand_picked_sm Catimor Coffee Plantation Girls  Catimor red bean  Catimor Coffee Cherry Coffee Catimor Cherry_1 Catimor Coffee GB Catimor GB