About Us

Burma Green Bean Coffee is the exclusive importer of a unique variety of coffee
bean known as the Catimor variety. Ours is grown and cultivated in the
mountains of Burma. There are many varieties of coffee beans grown in Burma (Myanm
ar), but only our Catimor coffee bean variety is grown in the mountains that it naturally
flourishes in.
Our Burma Green Bean has been well-received by coffee tasters on every continent.
Below is our latest cupping report.
           Catimor Coffee – Yauk Sauk, Myanmar
Burma Green Bean Overview
Commodity: Coffee Arabica (variety: Catimor)
Range: Grade-1
Origin: Myanmar (Yauk Sauk, Shan State)
Supplier: Spartan Enterprises, Inc., dba WWC, Lansing, Michigan USA
Growing Season: June – November
Harvesting: December to February of every other year-
Growing altitude/Acreage: 3,500 ~ 4,000 ft , 100 Acres
Treatment: Fully-washed, then sun-dried
Annual Production: 90 – 100 tons.
Work Force: 50
Cupping Notes from Tasters: Herbal and spice. Medium to full creamy body. Medium fruit sweetness.
Cupping Point: 81 – 85
Characteristics: Adapting by using the natural way of plantation with natural fertilizer,
and natural red soil plateaus, and all coffee are producing by organic farming.
coffee_taster coffee_taster-cupping Coffee-cupping_Burma_GB