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Japan Invents Coffee Spread for Toast

Who needs avocado when you can spread coffee on your toast? Move over, avocado. Who needs Nutella? The spreads of yesterday are old news now that Japan has figured out a way to make it so people can spread coffee directly onto their toast in the morning. According to Rocket News 24, Japan’s Megmilk Snow Brand company is famous for… Read more →

Lawmakers Want to Impose a Coffee Tax

The United States of America fought tooth and nail against the British empire over a tea tax 250 years ago. Who knows what lengths Americans will go to fight a coffee tax in 2017. The Oregon state legislature will very soon find out, with a newly proposed bill that would impose a 5 cent tax on every pound of wholesale… Read more →

The Most Expensive Cup of Coffee in the U.S. Is Now Available for $18

The most expensive cup of coffee in the U.S. can now be found in New York City and it’ll cost you $18. The pricey java is available at Extraction Lab, a new shop located in the Industry City complex of Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood. Extraction Lab serves as the headquarters of craft coffee brewer Alpha Dominche, which uses steam and… Read more →

People Who Drink More Coffee May Live Longer

For those of us who need a jolt of Joe to get the day started, who might sneak in a cup or two in the afternoon and have even been known to brew some dark roast late in the evening, it may be time to shed some of the guilt. Coffee could have a big upside. A Stanford University School… Read more →

That coffee that’s keeping you awake? Have more. It may help you live longer Read more here:

Go ahead. Sip that steaming cup o’ joe and enjoy the next one, too. Researchers say coffee may help you live longer. According to scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine, drinking coffee may help protect older people against inflammation, which is what ultimately causes many age-related diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, joint problems, Alzheimer’s and many types of… Read more →

Celebrate National Irish Coffee Day With This Quick Recipe

January 25th is National Irish Coffee Day! Irish Coffee is said to have been invented in 1943 by Joe Sheridan, a chef at the Foynes airport terminal’s restaurant and coffee shop. After a flight was forced to return to land due to inclement weather, Sheridan was asked to serve the returning passengers something warm, and created the Irish Coffee. The… Read more →

Drinking Coffee Has a Surprising New Health Benefit

he jury is forever going back and forth on whether or not coffee is good for you, but in case you’re still looking for an excuse to drink an extra cup, science is here to help. In a new study published in Nature Medicine, a group of researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine recently discovered that caffeine might help… Read more →

Sorry, coffee fiends, prepare to pay more for your java

J.M. Smucker’s (SJM) move this week to boost the price of its Folger’s and Dunkin’ Donuts brand coffees is a financial jolt for java junkies. After all, U.S. consumers have enjoyed falling prices in recent years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average price for a pound of coffee as of November was $4.31, down from $5.04 in… Read more →

They key to a perfect cup of coffee could be your freezer

Is there anything more contentious on the food web than the rules for making great coffee at home? Use a percolator. Actually, use a French press. French press? That’s for n00bs — obviously, if you’re not drinking pour-over you might as well be using a straw to suck water out of a mud puddle. And so it goes But British… Read more →